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Writing: Cathartic Creation & the Imagination

How did you first start writing?

I think I probably began writing in middle school. I remember writing for prompts and creating short horror stories and loving it, but I didn't begin seriously writing until attending university. I was a hard science major and there was just something about writing that felt so cathartic.

Why do you love it?

I think I love writing for that reason, it's a way for me to take what feels like an infinite imagination and make stories about people with different lives and different experiences. Creating a universe from scratch and having other people enjoy those same places and characters just makes me happy, I like knowing that someone else can lose themselves even if only for a moment in a book.



P Jones is a Canadian native currently living in the Dallas metroplex with his wife and dog.

Besides writing, his passions include barbecue and hiking. He looks forward to publishing this year.

You can learn more about Patrick A. Jones at his website HERE


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