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Featured Artist

Laura Faraci

Concept Art

Meet Ryan's Cover Artists & Illustrators:

Laura Faraci is a determined artist and current Communication Design student at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Especially interested in typographic design, Laura previously studied at Liceo Scientifico A. Roiti in Ferrara, where she grew up. Ever since she was a child she enjoys figure roller skating and playing the piano. As a self-taught illustrator, Laura dedicates herself to different drawing styles in her free time, including pencil drawing and digital painting.


"When I first launched my debut fantasy novel, Rienspel, on 99Designs, I wasn't sure quite what to expect. The competing designers were amazingly talented- and it was really difficult to choose! But in the end, Laura Faraci won the day with her skill, timeliness, and incredible versatility - plus she's an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for anyone's future design needs- just ask her and see exactly what I mean! She proves her merit with intuit and determination, and I'm excited to work with her again, as my design needs arise."

- Ryan P. Freeman


Learn more about her at Laura Faraci Design.


Jennifer Stolzer is an author/illustrator living in the St. Louis area. She graduated from Webster University with a degree in interactive digital media and animation, and uses these skills to create bright and engaging characters both in words and images.

Jennifer was voted Top 5 Local Children's Book authors by readers of the St. Louis Post Dispatch in 2017. Her first picture book, Dog Park (2014) is based on her award-winning animation by the same name. Her debut YA Fantasy, Threadcaster, was released in 2017.


"Jennifer has been a fellow creative compatriot for years now. Her work is solid, her craft is always improving. She's resourceful, insightful - all wrapped into a killer mix of one part author, one part artist. I highly recommend her for everyone who needs a professional illustrator of top-notch art."

- Ryan P Freeman


Learn more about Jennifer at Jennifer Stolzer.


Fan Art

Prince Janos by R. E. Dean

Inspired by Ryan P Freeman's novella, The Grey Isle Tale

'Lady Wintertide' by Anne Noguchi

Artwork inspired by 'Rienspel'

'Young Lim' by Anne Noguchi

Artwork inspired by 'Rienspel'

Grey Isle

Grey Isle - Laura Faraci

The Sable Lord

The Sable Lord - R.E. Dean

Rien Sucat

Rien Sucat


Mororedros - R.E. Dean

Uliskane Burning

Uliskane Burning - R.E. Dean


Skull - Josiah Bohn

The Dwarf

The Dwarf - Josiah Bohn

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters - Josiah Bohn


Warrior - R.E. Dean

Undead Guard

Undead Guard - R.E. Dean

The Phoenix

The Phoenix

The Blue Lord

The Blue Lord - R.E. Dean

I would love to display your art!

If you are interested, please contact me.

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