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Beltane, Breweries, & Fire

Yesterday was Beltane. Among many things, it marks the halfway point between Spring and Summer. It's peak spring blooming season for flowers, the height of new life, and a time where we celebrate all this with friends and family.

Lately, during church I list things I'm thankful for in my journal. However, yesterday I decided to list what is new in my life right now - and frankly, there's a lot.

There's things like our new home, a new washer and dryer coming on Thursday, renewed connection with writers communities here, new housemates soon (Steph's little sisters are moving in soon), new friendships with local independent businesses, new coffee suppliers (thanks, Second Breakfast!)... the list goes on.

Newness deserves to be recognized and celebrated. I've found that joy is linked to thankfulness, so it all really does go hand-in-hand. And yet...

As I made my list other things surfaced to my mind as well and I realized that somehow they too deserved to be recognized and added to my list. Things like one of my parent's dogs having to be put down today (RIP Ranger). Things like my favorite brewery, Mark Twain Brewing Company, closing and being bought out by another one out of St Louis, Missouri. Other things like one of my favorite places in the world, El Porvenir Christian Camp, burning due to a massive forest fire in northern New Mexico right now.

To varying degrees, each of these tragic changes makes my heart drop out. And yet, they too deserve to be recognized. I think that's because, after a longer than usual sermon's length of contemplation, all change can be good. All change needs to be recognized. It's harmful to bottle up that sort of hurt so that it festers and rots inside - then poisons other things in turn. New life often comes from death. The Green of Spring is not meant to cover the world, choking out all other expressions of life. Nor is it meant to last forever. Life and spring, light and friendship, have their place. For everything there is a time, a place, a season.

Recognizing pain and change is important. Ignoring it is not healthy. Changing the subject until destruction is no longer relevant only adds to the destruction. Allowing space and time, both publicly and privately for ritual which lets us work through Change is a balm we really need to not forget to apply so that we can heal and grow and live.

On Friday, I'll be down at The Spine Indie Bookstore & Cafe in St Louis, Missouri doing a live reading at 6p MST so come say hey! It will also be available to watch virtually online. Learn more and RSVP HERE. I'm thinking I'll be reading from my best-seller, The Grey Isle Tale!

Also, I now have books available at Calftown Cafe in Quincy, Illinois too! It's looking like a reading is on the horizon for me there too - don't worry! I'll keep you posted :)

Until next time,

happy reading!

- Ryan


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