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'A Catchy Title' Newsletter

I feel like I always start these things off with something like, 'I know it's been a while...', but it really has! Hi!

Let me re-introduce myself. I'm author Ryan P Freeman. I enjoy writing and publishing primarily fantasy, have a thirst for myth and magic, and love exploring my own real-world questions through story.

Typically, when I write these emails I'm free-hand writing. If it's in my brain, it's more likely to come tumbling out here. To date, I've interviewed other creators through my #WriFri series, talked about writing and creativity, expressed what it's really like to be a writer in today's world, and queried my own fate and choice along the way. I also like to give readers like you a chance to be on the bleeding edge about what's coming up on the publishing plate for me.

With that being said...

What I'm working on now...

I have a brand-new full-length fantasy on the cusp of completion for publishing called The Last Circle! I just need to apply a final edit, and then work out my cover dimensions on Canva. And let me tell you, if you ever need a quick easy way to design just about anything - from social posts to book covers and t-shirts - give Canva a shot on their website. Anyways, on The Last Circle...

It's about one caravan guide's hunt for personal redemption amid the deadly wastes of the infamous Desert of Redd. - A land where strange, otherwordly oddities appear along the banks of the lone river which rushes through the hills there. Along the way, there's no knowing where adventure might lead you to, be it dragons, sky pirates, floating islands, or endless vistas of poisonous lotus flowers! Join Asire (that's pronounced A-seer-ay), along with Master inventor Lepranto and the garrulous dwarf Gimel as they plunge into the depths of the desert's heart each in search of that which is more dear to their hearts than gold or fame.

Coming (honestly), as soon as I can finish up :)

The next work I'm typing busily away at is a special work called Iron Will, where I capture dozens of real-life accounts from the trans community about what it was like to first Realize their identities. To be honest, I debated telling you about this one. In this day and age, it's so easy even for those who pride themselves in their ability to love others to fall far from the mark when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community. Those brave enough to submit their stories and grapple with a way to live on with an easily despised way of life deserve their Iron Will to be committed to writing and sharing with the world.

I'm also working on another fantasy story told by journal entries by the least skilled mage at Moen Mage School (a familiar place you might have recognized if you read Nameless), named The Heretic's Tome. Here, we see the lowly literate librarian, Soph (remember him from way back in Rienspel??) find his place in a bustling mage school where, unlikely as not, many powerful powerful heroes do not actually know how to read at all. From humble beginnings do the quiet deeds of secondary characters ascend to great heights...

And finally, I'm working on The Class of '46, a comedic fantasy that takes one part Suicide Squad and the other Indiana Jones as a group of Rillian mages go to dangerous lengths to pay off their student loans through a series of increasingly dangerous quests. Because there is no greater evil known than the lengths one might go to force people to pay back their student debt.

Until next time!


Ryan P Freeman

Author | Podcaster | Creative

PS, I'm also always open for writing, publishing, and other creative consultations - just ask!


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