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Oh, the Horror: Tim Gabrielle on Love, Fear, and Being a Scaredy-Cat

How did you first start writing?

I've always considered myself a writer but I didn't take it seriously until a couple years back. My family and I rented a cottage in Northern Ontario and I brought my laptop with me. We were there for about a week and by the end of our trip I had the first three chapters done and a road map of the rest of the story. From that point on, I kept writing on the regular and right now I'm working on my second and third book together.

Why do you love it?

I love creating. I love taking an idea and expanding on it, watching it all come together and crafting it into something someone might enjoy. Also, as a horror writer, I find it actually gives me an avenue to explore my own fears in the safety of my pages. I'm actually a big scaredy-cat and ghosts and demons scare me to death, but being able to write them into my stories kind of takes that fear away... or who knows, maybe I'm making it worse for myself. If the black-eyed kids ever knock on my door I guess it's my own fault!



Tim is a married, adoptive father of three, who was raised in northern Virginia and moved to Ontario to live with his then fiancé in 2003. He's always considered himself a writer, although he fell into the same trap a lot of writers fall into... talking about writing more often than actually putting words on screen.

Tim loved the scary stuff and writes primarily horror and suspense. His first book, This Land of Monsters, will be published in Fall of 2018 by Ink Smith Publishing.

Tim Gabrielle

twitter: @timgabrielle



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