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Life Outside Our Heads

How did I first start writing:

Flash back to 4th grade and my marble composition book, which seemed so elite and middle-school-ish at the time. Each week, our teacher gave us a list of writing prompts to choose from. I crafted an unoriginal story about a girl who discovered a meadow behind a previously insurmountable wall, so unoriginal that this tale began as “Once upon a time…” At any rate, those weekly prompts in my illegible, pencil cursive sparked a realization in me: that my mind contained unlimited stories, and they only needed a nudge in order to spill.

Why do I love it:

How could I not? Writing is taking my favorite stories and characters and giving them life outside my head. It’s a creative act, an exciting act, but also a necessary release to prevent my brain from exploding.



After years of city-blogging and a stint as a food columnist, Adelaide decided to pursue that age-old calling of fiction writing. The Trace is her first novel. She lives with her husband and their two cats (only two) in Florida.

Please visit her website at:


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