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Friday Night Reads: Uma Eachempati

This week I'll be hosting my eighteenth #FriNightReads! It's where I read the first chapter from an indie author, live on my author Facebook page. This Friday I'll be live-reading from Uma Eachempati's Whispers of the Heart. A telling memoir of her father's internment in a Japanese prison camp during WW II and how her family survived the war. Now, here's more from this week's indie author...

How did you first start writing?

I first started writing when my mother wanted to keep us kids busy. I must have been seven and my first story was, Why the Snail Carries His House on His Back - As He Was Selfish.

Why do you love it?

I love writing. It means I can write about the fearless and strong people I have met who I think need to be recognized. I love to write about other people whenever I can.

More on Uma:

Uma Eachempati is the younger daughter of Rao and Susila. She is a retired obstetrician and has a Certificate of Creative Writing from Washington University in St Louis. In 2014 she translated her mother's novel,

The Power of Love. Currently, she is working on a collection of short stories. In her career as a medical doctor, she met many heroines and would like to remember their stories.

You can purchase a copy of her new WWII biography, Whispers of the Heart, HERE.

#FriNightReads is a collaborative live-read author

Ryan P Freeman hosts each Friday at Titlewave Books. The goal is to help bring talented indie authors into the spotlight where they can enjoy the exposure and delight they deserve. To watch this celebration of talented indie authors, simply pop over to Ryan's author Facebook, Friday nights at 7p MT.

Want to have your own book read on the show or help sponsor #FriNightReads?

- Just message me, Ryan P Freeman, HERE!

1 Comment

Cherie Postill
Sep 11, 2020

Hi Ryan, I wish I had Friday nights available. I love being read to!!

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