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Friday Night Reads: Nicole Smith

This Friday I'll be hosting my eleventh #FriNightReads starting at 7p MT on my author Facebook Nicole Smith's Opened Palms. It's a soul-searching devotional on how re-orientating yourself can completely change your perspective. Now, here's more from this week's featured indie author:

How did you first start writing?

I began teaching single adults at church and trying to come up with workbooks and information for them. I was looking for something that they could relate to but also challenge them. I could not find what I wanted in the bookstores. I decided if I could not find them, then maybe no one else could either. So, I decided to write them myself and kill two birds with one stone. After developing a taste for the writing, I just kept on and have not stopped since. I have begun dabbling in novel writing also and I continue to do Bible studies.

Why do you love it?

It’s not just relaxing but it feeds my brain. I am the type of person that needs my mind stimulated. I feel like I need to have things going in at all times. My passion is teaching and I write what I teach. I am loving what I do and doing what I love. It checks all the boxes for me when it comes to challenging but rewarding. It is just a fun way to keep using my brain.

More on Nicole Smith:

While being single and celibate for 20 years, Nicole Smith speaks to singles and shares the desperate need for Holiness. As a minister, public speaker, author, and founder of Opened Palms Ministry, she teaches men and women how to operate and function in the kingdom. Her books include interactive daily devotionals and Bible studies for singles. She writes and gives singles a voice and believes in just “keeping it real.” She is also the author of Your Spiritual Diet: 28-Day Challenge to Living the Abundant Life. She is also co-author of 2 Anthologies, I’ve Got to Write: Like Fire Shut up in My Bones, and Free to Choose Forgiveness.