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Friday Night Reads: Lynda Filler

This Friday I'll be hosting my fourteenth #FriNightReads starting at 7p MT on my author Facebook featuring Lynda Filler's thriller Code Raven. It's a fast-paced real-world action-adventure prequel packed full of out of control brain trusts, high stakes, and a billionaire out to solve his family's murder.

How did you first start writing?

I've been writing forever, but I began to publish in 2009. I was given 6 months to live in 2008. I promised myself that when and if I survived that, I would write my story and publish it. As it turned out the first books I published were poetry: The Love Fix, Love Rehab, and I (Spy) Love. I wrote the memoir, but shelved it because a friend made an off-hand comment: "Who would want to read about your life?" The memoir sat around until 2017 and was published as LOVE the Beat Goes On. I did a series of videos with it, and the notes I received made it all worthwhile. In 2015 Amazon introduced a series called Kindle Worlds, fan fiction. An author invited me to write into his fast-paced thriller world. My publishing journey took off with that. When KW was closed by Amazon, I took my novellas (with the blessing of the original author) and never looked back. The Code Raven Series was the result. My life would not be complete without Contemporary Fiction and Romantic Suspense. I now have 16 books on Amazon, and another memoir will be out for pre-order in the next month.

Why do you love it?

I don't even know if I can begin to explain the joy and the fun of writing. Even when I'm stuck and uncertainty sets in, I still love every angsty moment. I've been doing newsletters to my followers but only recently suggested they are welcome to write back. Their feedback has been amazing. It's still hard for me to comprehend that I have readers and fans from all over the world. I even visited with two in New Delhi, India on my trip last year! It continues to be a wild and crazy ride!

More on Lynda:

I'm a Baby Boomer and a late bloomer. I was born in Canada, lived in Mexico for the last twenty years, and early 2019 I sold everything I own. I packed one suitcase, bought a series of one-way tickets with no return destination--and had a two-day layover in Istanbul, Turkey where a chance meeting changed my life. I've been writing since I was a teenager but only began publishing in the last ten years. I write what I love to read: Mystery, Suspense, Spy Novels, Contemporary fiction, and Romantic Suspense. I'm currently writing out the pandemic in Istanbul, Turkey. My romantic heart found love here. I may stay for a very long time. 

My books are available on Amazon

My Code Raven Prequel can be picked up HERE for free

#FriNightReads is a collaborative live-read author

Ryan P Freeman hosts each Friday at Titlewave Books. The goal is to help bring talented indie authors into the spotlight where they can enjoy the exposure and delight they deserve. To watch this celebration of talented indie authors, simply pop over to Ryan's author Facebook, Friday nights at 7p MT.

Want to have your own book read on the show or help sponsor #FriNightReads?

- Just message me, Ryan P Freeman, HERE!


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