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Friday Night Reads: Carrie Lea Williams

This week I'll be hosting my nineteenth #FriNightReads! It's where I read the first chapter from an indie author, live on my author Facebook page. This Friday I'll be live-reading from Carrie Lea William's The Swan and the Rose. It's an enchanting tale about how beauty is more than skin deep. Now, here's more from this week's indie author...

How did you first start writing?

I started writing first because my father would write stories just for me, and when my elementary school held a writing contest, my father encouraged me to enter the contest. I won, and my story was published in the local newspaper in Poplar Bluff, MO; after that, I was hooked.

Why do you love it?

I love writing because it's a way to escape from reality and create any type of world or adventure you want.

More on Carrie:

Carrie Lea Williams lives in the Saint Louis area with her husband and two children. Carrie grew up in Poplar Bluff and was where she first started writing at a young age and hasn't stopped. Carrie also loves painting and drawing; she creates all her own artwork for her children's books. Most of all, Carrie likes to spend time with her family and sharing her gift with others.

#FriNightReads is a collaborative live-read author Ryan P Freeman hosts each Friday at Titlewave Books. The goal is to help bring talented indie authors into the spotlight where they can enjoy the exposure and delight they deserve. To watch this celebration of talented indie authors, simply pop over to Ryan's author Facebook, Friday nights at 7p MT.

Want to have your own book read on the show or help sponsor #FriNightReads?

- Just message me, Ryan P Freeman, HERE!


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