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Friday Night Reads: Abigayle Goldstein

This week I'll be hosting my seventeenth #FriNightReads! It's where I read the first chapter from an indie author, live on my author Facebook page. This Friday I'll be live-reading from Abigayle Goldstein's Thalassophile: A Chapbook of Poetry. A collection that paints a vivid picture: of tumultuous change, like crashing waves, and perhaps...the eventual calm, and the acceptance of the constant ebb and flow of the sea within us.

How did you first start writing?

I've been writing for fun since I was young. As a type-A kind of person, I enjoyed mastering the spelling and grammar - writing was like a coloring book, something you can complete perfectly, every color where it belongs and in the lines. Throughout high school, writing became more introspective - journal entries and diaries I used to record my thoughts and figure myself out. My writing in college was a coming of age - wrestling with growing up, love gained and lost, finding myself, navigating relationships, and everything in between. College was when I started writing poetry and when my diary entries began to look like prose. In my sophomore year, I met who would become my best friend - a writer like me who sent me prompts, critiqued me both gently and harshly, helped me edit and develop my writing, and ultimately became both a mentor and a muse as well as my best friend. Through her friendship, I started to explore my writing as more than just something for me - ultimately, I started to realize that the writing I did for myself was something I could share. I began to overcome my insecurities and fears to share my writing with others, submitting to literary magazines and anthologies. Since then I have been published in five short publications and had my first book of poetry published by Swimming With Elephants in 2018. Now I'm a teacher. Writing for publication is not my life's goal, though I would love to see my work on a Target shelf someday. Rather, telling and sharing stories with my readers and with my students - inspiring storytelling, reading, curiosity, and writing as a form of self-discovery and love - is my passion.

Why do you love it?

Lately, I write for myself, using the words as a way of emptying and understanding myself and my experiences. My love of writing shows itself in the daily journals I ask my students to write and the focus on diverse writing practice, from haikus to argumentative essays, in my curriculum. At the end of the day, writing is a gift, and I am grateful to have it for myself and to be able to pass it along to my students.

More on Abigayle:

Abigayle Goldstein is a graduate of the University of New Mexico with an MA in secondary education. She is an English language arts and English as a second language teacher at Sandia High School. Through storytelling, creativity, reading, and writing - she strives to be a teacher who fosters a love for literature and language and home in her students, but also gives them tools to effect tangible change in their lives and achieve their dreams. 

To learn more about Abigayle and her writing check out her links:

#FriNightReads is a collaborative live-read author

Ryan P Freeman hosts each Friday at Titlewave Books. The goal is to help bring talented indie authors into the spotlight where they can enjoy the exposure and delight they deserve. To watch this celebration of talented indie authors, simply pop over to Ryan's author Facebook, Friday nights at 7p MT.

Want to have your own book read on the show or help sponsor #FriNightReads?

- Just message me, Ryan P Freeman, HERE!


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