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Always Keep Your Eyes Open: Laura Faraci's Story

I have been into drawing ever since I can remember...

I can see myself as a child, carefully studying portrait photography I had found in a magazine and trying to reproduce it with a graphite pencil. Though, since art was not taken seriously in the environment I have lived, I never took any specific classes. What really improved my drawing was my art professor during middle school, who gave me the chance to make experiments and to

overcome my weaknesses, for which I will always be thankful.

Meanwhile, thanks to one of my closest friends, I began to experience digital art tools. Gradually, I shifted my work from pencil drawing to digital painting, and even though I had to dedicate the majority of my time to school, I could see improvements drawing after drawing.

When I was about to choose my university, I was determined not to give up my passion, even though I knew it would not ensure me a certain job. Finally, I found something that combined my love for visual arts and my scientific approach, given by the High School I attended; so I moved to Milan and studied Communication Design, which taught to me how to use the skills I had learned through the years in order to create a good project. During my first year, I met a great 19-year-old painter who really helped my work to make a quality leap and encouraged me to improve my digital painting skills.

What my experience taught me is the importance of acting "like sponges", as my typography professor used to say.

Always keep your eyes open

because you can learn something from every person that surrounds you.



Laura Faraci is a determined artist. A Politecnico di Milano Graduate in Milan Italy where she studied Communication Design, Laura is especially interested in typographic design Laura previously studied at Liceo Scientifico A. Roiti in Ferrara, where she grew up. Ever since she was a child she enjoys figure roller skating and playing the piano. As a self-taught illustrator, Laura dedicates herself to different drawing styles in her free time, including pencil drawing and digital painting.

Links: Laura's Design Portfolio Laura's Drawings Follow Laura on Instagram


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