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This Week on #WriFri: You've Got to See the (Zoo) Baby!

I have a special place in my heart for all animals. If I wasn't shooting for a living I think I would be pursuing a career working with animals. Last August Assiniboine Zoo had me over to see the fresh new faces. I met the baby pronghorn antelope, Eurasian tundra reindeer and snow leopards. I was in my glory! As a kid (and now;)) I watched far more nature shows than cartoons. I find animal behavior extremely fascinating. I actually got into shooting because of these National Geographic and Discovery programs. This inspired me. My dream is to film wildlife. While zoo animals aren't technically "wild" I still loved this shoot so much. It's hard for me to get across how happy this made me.

Baby pronghorn antelope loved to be on camera.

The reindeer were all too willing to perform for the camera. They were fascinated by my gear and came right up to the lens to investigate. The mother antelope was also intrigued by me. While filming her babies, she kept nudging me with her horns which made it difficult to hold a steady shot.

Mama reindeer checking out the new people in the enclosure.

This was hands down one of my favourite shooting opportunities EVER. I would be so happy to go back. Hopefully I'll get a similar opportunity down the road. I hope you enjoy learning a bit about what goes into caring for the new faces at the Assiniboine Zoo. Enjoy!