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Set Backs

I have to apologize.

I do!

Rienspel was supposed to release on Halloween, but... it's the second of November (as I first write this, anyways) and still no Rienspel. So I'm saying I'm sorry here. There's technical delays which need to be fixed - but I promise, Rienspel is coming as soon as humanly possible. (In fact, it is now here! Huzzah!)

When you're writing, set-backs happen.

This year, I decided I'm going to participate in #NanoWriMo!

(That's National Writing Month, for those who don't know) The idea is everything November you're challenged to write a book (first draft, anyways) in a month. For some (including yours truly), this sounds daunting. Intimidating! I mean, I'm pretty sure I've read about giants who were friendlier!

-But that's beside the point.