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Color Along with the Adventure!

Schemes! Snakes! Trombones!

Trombones? - Now Illustrated!


When our hapless hero is kicked out of the royal orchestra, he stumbles into Maeve’s Bar – a place filled with shady characters, devilishly strong drinks, and biting snakes dangling from the rafters! With nothing better to do, and all the rest of the countryside’s musicians practicing next door, the Trombonist adjusts his slides, sets his lips to his instrument, and embarks on adventure.


While the evening away at Maeve’s Bar – hear the Trombonist play! Watch out for the snakes, Green Grendel and White Sven – and mind your P’s and Q’s (especially with Maeve’s own special brew: Old Wrathikan’s Fire Ale). And while you’re at it, why not stay for the encore: how the Trombonist and friends overcome the treacherous wiles of the greedy Chief Maestro next door!

Pull up a chair and mind the snakes – tonight’s gonna be a good one.

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