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What Rien discovers about his own past might kill him…

Pursued by assassins, Rien flees north, searching for sanctuary in Firehall. Travel with Rien as he joins the Rangers. But from the start, these outlaws seem to know more about Rien than he does himself. With fresh dangers lurking around every trunk, their untimely deaths seem near at hand… or worse.

Every epic has its own humble beginnings… continue with Rien as he traverses the Great Forest in the third issue of the Rienspel series. Join up with The Rangers – as they defend the land from the ancient machinations of a horrifying foe.

Rien’s tale continues with the next installment of the Rienspel series: Rienspel, Issue IV: Firehall – OR – Read the entire series by snagging a copy of The Phoenix of Redd, Volume I: Rienspel.

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