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What Rien Discovers about his past will change his future…

Rien Sucat wiles his days away, bored stiff in his small backwoods village. But after he encounters a flaming phoenix, his safe familiar world begins unraveling. Suddenly, all-consuming choices like which profession he’ll learn, or the fate of his missing father, are dwarfed in light of the mysterious firebird, along with the terrible secrets his older brother and the town watch harbor.
Every epic has its own humble beginnings… adventure with Rien as he launches out on his own with the first issue of the Rienspel series. Enter The Forest – full of dark terrors, lost ruins, and long-hidden secrets.

Rien’s tale continues with the next installment of the Rienspel series: Rienspel, Issue II: The Village – OR – Read the entire series by snagging a copy of The Phoenix of Redd, Volume I: Rienspel.

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