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WriFri: R.S. Penney

I've always felt a compulsion to tell stories. I suspect it's part of my autism. The ideas are just there, constantly percolating in my brain. I can't not write.

I love it because I suspect it's because my brain is just wired that way. I'm sorry if that's not a very compelling answer. This is just who I am.

More about the author:

"I grew up in Southern Ontario, and I've been writing fiction since I was 16. When I first started out, I planned on writing epic fantasy in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien or Robert Jordan, but I quickly discovered that I don't have the patience to thrive in that genre. I've never been all that fond of describing long treks through the countryside. So I took the characters I love and brought them into a modern setting.

I've always been an advocate of diversity in fiction. I remember noting, at the age of sixteen, that one big problem in epic fantasy is the fact that all the characters are white. So I try to create a cast populated by people of all genders, ethnicities and orientations. If you like genre-bending stuff like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you'll love my books. "


Links to his ebooks: Desa Kincaid series Justice Keepers Saga


Are you an author/artist/illustrator/creative? I'd love to feature you on a future #WriFri!

Let's talk more here. Until then, keep on Making Good Art!

- Ryan P Freeman



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