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Viva New Mexico

I'm writing from New Mexico right now off my phone...

I know- my phone... but hey, write with what ya got, when ya got.

This week is the weekend of my 29th birthday (geeze, I know, right?).

It's been a time with family and reflection. And before I get too Hallmark and junk, I just wanted to write about how re-experiencing your roots helps you re-experience yourself.

But wait, what does this have to do with writing?


If you're never got a chance to experience New Mexico, do it.

Even with Albuquerque, each part of the city reflects a different facet of the same desert jewel. Breathe the different people in. Refuse chain stores and restaurants. Stick to the dives. Grab an Alibi newspaper (they're free), and hit the streets. Even to this day, with my older sister as my guide, I always see something new- someone new.