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"Imagination Has No Limits"

How did you start writing?

"I started writing in school.

I loved reading so

I think it was probably a

natural progression to begin

writing my own stories."

Why do you love it?

"The only limits are what I can’t imagine so there are no limits. I get to visit these really incredible places to hang out with some awesome people, and go on an adventure or two. It makes for great fun, even if it’s all within my mind."



Terri Luckey currently resides in Swansea, Illinois with her husband and dog, a border collie, Jazzy. She’s lived in several other states including Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Texas. No matter where she lives, a few things remains constant–one is the thrill of exploring a new world with beloved characters when she read a good piece of fiction. Terri hopes you experience the same with her stories.

Luckey attended Black Hawk College where she graduated in Journalism with honors.

Her experience includes writing for a variety of media: television promotional spots, radio commercials scripts, news stories, and advertisements. Terri’s job titles have included Managing Editor, News Editor, Reporter, and Ad Pagination at newspapers, Continuity Director, and Advertising Script Writer for a radio station.

Her post-apocalyptic trilogy, Kayndo, is available on Amazon.

Read more on Terri here! http://www.


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