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Sanity, Satisfaction, & Stories: J Drew Brumbaugh on Writing

As a kid I used to tell stories to my siblings, mostly scary stories to keep them awake at night.

They loved my tales and encouraged me to keep telling them. They even had a favorite story and still ask me today when will I write that one.

Probably never!

But just telling stories wasn’t enough. I wanted to be in print. So, I began writing my stories down, putting words on paper and sending them out to potential publishers. For a long time there were only rejection letters even though a few actually came with encouraging notes from prominent editors at major publishing houses. One thing led to another and I eventually turned to the Indie Publishing arena and I’m glad I did.

There are three main reasons why I love what I’m doing:

First, it helps maintain my sanity. The ideas that come into my head won’t let go. They demand to be written and constantly swirl around as distractions until I sit down and type them into a document. Only then am I free to think about other things.

Secondly, after numerous revisions, rewrites and corrections to an editor’s suggestions, holding a finished novel in your hands, gives me a huge sense of accomplishment, a feeling that I actually did something.

And lastly, every once in a while I meet someone who has read a book of mine. Talking to them, finding out what they thought of the characters I tried to create, how the plot did or didn’t work, makes it all worthwhile.


More about the author:

J Drew Brumbaugh lives in northeast Ohio where he spends his time writing sci-fi, fantasy and suspense novels, teaching and training at the karate dojo he founded, building a Japanese garden in his back yard, and taking walks in the local metro parks. He has six novels in print, a collection of short stories, and a co-authored children’s book. He continues to work on his next book and seems to always have several stories in various stages of completion.

Check out his works here:

ebook links: Fall of the Western Kings


Are you an author/artist/illustrator/creative? I'd love to feature you on a future #WriFri!

Let's talk more here. Until then, keep on Making Good Art!

- Ryan P Freeman


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