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Reality Bores Me - Human Creativity Does Not.

How did I first get into writing?

When I was younger, we use to go on long road trips.

My mom use to give us recycled printer paper to draw on.

One long trip I nearly ran out. I'm not sure why,

but I decided to write a story. It was ten sentences long,

ate up more time than drawing, and my mom loved it.

So i just kept at it.

Why do I love to write?

The limitations of reality bore me.

The limitless creativity of the human mind, however, does not.

What I love about writing is trying to blend the two together.


Author Bio:

Brayden Bechtold is a new adult author

of urban fantasy/science fiction. He focuses on realistic dialogue, dynamic fight scenes,

and anime-inspired themes. In his spare time,

he enjoys playing board games or video games

with his best friend — his wife Laura —

and their sons.

You can check out Brayden's

debut urban fantasy,

The Distance Between Echoes


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