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My Mom listens to my podcasts

At least, I think she does.

Nope, I'm fairly sure she does. She was even on one of them once.

Speaking of which, one of my various kooky schemes has been all about launching a new show called Pitch This Lit. What is it about? You guessed it, pitching lit. Not my lit though, no no. YOUR lit. Pitch This Lit is about two things: Pitching your books to agents and publishers (and how), and as another way for literary agents to find excellent stories to represent!


A couple of reasons. One has to do with spreading the word on how to pitch and query your books with class. We'll have industry experts and resources available so after you've finally written that book, you'll know what to do with it. Another has to do with VOICE. Representation is hard to get and even harder to continue. That's why we'll have literary agents, publishers, and other pros talking about what things are like on their end, what they're currently looking for, and insights into what's happening now in the book world.

So look for Pitch This Lit wherever you listen to podcasts in a few months! Don't worry, I'll flag you down when it's about to release :)

In other news, I recently released two new books!

One is a brand new full-length fantasy called Nameless. Here's a teaser (just for you):

Chapter One


Along a rocky shoreline, a stubborn little town jutted out upon a high hill. Beyond, light streamed across the sea stretched onwards into the south, hovering on the edge of the horizon. The sun glowed over the fair hills and rocks as giant leathery wings and manifold ripples of glittering scales rose from the beach below.


The immense beast whirled and rushed overhead—and the wind howled with the dragon’s passing. Out of the beast’s maw, spouts of red flame erupted—followed by roaring challenge.

Over the town— the wooden town —the simple smells of another lazy Saturday’s breakfast blissfully wafted. Then, the air crackled with a sudden flash of fire, followed by the smell of char and copper. Townsfolk poured out of burning buildings, scrambling to stay together amid the smoke and burning thatch.

The drake landed and took a few gigantic steps backward, crushing a stable. Horses screamed and bolted into the nearby forest. Shots twanged from three giant archers, tall and grim. The arrows bit into the dragon like lightning bolts, but where they ought to have sunk deep, only single scale loosened and fell.

The dragon focused on a single fleeing figure who had stopped in her tracks. For a moment the marauding beast seemed surprised; the girl’s dark eyes caught the dragon’s undivided attention. Around them, the flames licked higher into the rosy morning sky.