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Introducing Author Services by Ryan!

As you all know, I like to write. Currently, I have three fantasy stories out, with an illustrated version on the way (*Cough The Grey Isle Tale, Illustrated Edition, *Cough cough coming THIS Halloween, 2017!). With all that being said, some people have messaged me, asking if I can help with their own stories - since I've been officially writing and indie publishing for a decade (has it really been that long??).

Without further ado, I'm proud to officially announce AUTHOR SERVICES by Ryan!

(fanfare here!)

(By Ryan)

What does this mean?

It means I'm your one stop shop for helping you take that story, you know, you've been secretly penning for years now from a dusty Microsoft Word file to a in-your-hands I-Can't-Believe-I'm-Really-Holding-This! Book. - And not just some vanity press book you'll end up paying waaaaay too much for, either - but your first story. The one which makes you an author, with more books (should you chose to write them) on the way!


We've all got a story to tell - and only you can write yours.

Specifically, what I can do is:

- Content Edit Your Manuscript (story)

Yes, you really need someone to re-work through your story (besides your mom and your best friend, of course). It's what helps make the difference between another lackluster, cringie cover self-published novel and serious literary accomplishment. It's what helps make your story come to life and shine.

- Guidance Through How to Indie Publish Your Book

Wait, but I thought I had to pay thousands of dollars or wait years for some random literary agent just to tell me No?? No. Nope. Huh-uh. Indie-publishing changed the game - is changing the game - will continue to change how people publish wonderful stories. And I can help. Specifically, you need your novel formatted correctly so it can be uploaded right, and so your e-version's links work. - Nothing is worse than a book full of errors - I'll help! - Let's talk.

- Cover Artists Found

Wait, but I thought I could just make up a cover on Microsoft Paint, or take a picture of this really cool drawing I made! Well... you could... Or (and here me out here), I could help find you a pro (an affordable, talented one). I know we were raised on the mantra 'Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover', but let's be honest, shall we? We Do. We all do. Let's ensure your book not only is awesome on the inside, but on the outside, as well!

- Author Marketing

But I wrote this book! I'm famous now (surely you've heard of me!!!) - *laughs, cries hysterically. Don't I wish. Even if you did end up becoming published through one of the 'Big 5' publishers in New York, chances are you'd only have them marketing for you for six months... and if you didn't gain enough traction then, they'd most likely pull their support. Don't be mistaken, intelligent marketing is a long-

game; however, it's the difference between having readers beyond only family and friends and a dedicated reader-base. I mean, did you know, it takes on average, about 3 MONTHS of consistent messaging for most people to finally get it through their minds to go and purchase something? - True story. Finally, the sort of marketing authors typically need is SUPER time-consuming, too. So why not let Ryan help? - that way you can focus on the important stuff, you know, like the next Game of Thrones episode (and writing your next chapter, of course).

- Audio Books

Yep. I can do that too. I've got literally (and figuratively) Years of broadcasting experience, a unique voice (thanks, Cancer...) and nothing but time.

TLDR: Ryan make your story into published book. Much Good. So Wow. grunt grunt etc.

Message or email me when you'd like to get started!


- Ryan


Ryan P Freeman is a published indie fantasy author, speaker, and marketer.

A member of both the Missouri Writers Guild and the St Louis Writers Guild, Ryan has years of experience publishing and promoting professionally for writer conventions like Gateway to Publishing Conference & Convention, individual authors like D.E. Wyatt and Jennifer Stolzer, as well as agencies such as Marion County Services for the Developmentally Disabled.

Foremost, Ryan's goal is empowering new authors through quality indie publishing and intelligent marketing. He believes imagination is the backdoor to the soul, and a good story provides the key.

Learn more about Ryan at


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