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Identity, Influence, & Social Action: Alexis Saints on Writing

How did you first get into writing?

No matter how far back I go with my memory, I can not remember not writing. As soon as I learned how to read and picked up my very first books, I was already creating little tales with my sisters and my friends as the main characters, constantly going on quests around the world. At nine, I had this big notebook where every page was the plot of a novel I wanted to write; at ten, I started working on a story that would have, a year later, become my first published novel, 'Fernik'.

Writing has followed me through all the years growing up, each instance taking a different meaning for me: when I was a child, it was a way to escape reality through the different worlds I was amazed to be able to create with only my mind. During teen years, it served to help order my thoughts, reflecting on who I was and where I stood: it was an exercise that calmed my mind, being able to put down in black and white what I felt. It was only recently, a couple of years ago, that I started considering what being an author could really mean. As in, really putting my ideals out there, and helping someone else's growth in the same way reading has helped me figuring out my own identity.

Why do you love it?

Writing is one of the most powerful acts I can think of. Some authors just focus on the introspective side of it: writing down your thoughts, exploring your mind and your possibilities. As important as that can be, I'm convinced that writing is actually a social action: for me, it's enough to think about how much the book I've read has changed my view, or, even better, how entire generations have been shaped by the best sellers of their times.

The idea of being an influence, and in particular a positive one, is really what attracts me in writing. That's why I always put a lot of attention into my characters, on what they do, if they could be good examples, and trying to make them as diverse and relatable as possible. Even if just one single person, reading my works, felt less alone, got through their day, or simply questioned their opinions on something, I would already feel satisfied!



Alexis Saints (25th August 1995) was born in Taranto, Italy. Currently, she's attending the faculty of Language, Civilisation and the Science of Language at Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Alexis started writing at a young age, successfully taking part in various writing contests such as the one set by ANIA Foundation in 2010, or the 2013 GiuntiShift, where she got all the way to final round. Her first published novel, "Fernik", is the first book of a fantasy trilogy, "Storie d'Asèria", and will be soon translated into English by the author.

To discover more about Alexis, check her LINKS:


Ryan hopes you enjoyed this week's #WriFri post with author and translator Alexis Saints!

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