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How Story-Telling Takes Root

How Did You First Start Writing?

I don’t know about writing, but the first time I ever noticed story-telling was when I was about 3. I heard all this yelling. I went into the kitchen. Everyone was standing and staring at our two neighbors walking really slow next to my father. My father was a physically big man who moved very fast at all times unless he was asleep, so this was confusing. I was trying to push through past everyone to see better (I was quite short.) My Mom put her hand on my shoulder, kind of stopping me. All I could see was the floor and the slow moving feet and this thick trail of dribbly red stuff smeared in a trail behind him on the linoleum, like some giant snail broke into the house. Nobody said anything, which was also super weird. So, I looked up at my Mom and asked what had happened.

To which, she answered: “Nothing.”

By the time I learned to write, a year or two later, I think my connection to seeing stories had already taken root in me.

Why Do You Love It?

I think it’s taken me a long time to accept that I might never know what writing serves in me. It is too deeply rooted in my genome. I don’t know why I like to go on long walks, or to own cats. Neither is terribly easy or sweet-smelling, but it serves something in my heart that is sustaining to me. I know if I go too long without writing or drawing, something withers in me. So… I keep after it even when it is difficult and a little stinky.



The ninth daughter of a surgeon who accidentally cut off the tip of his index finger, Virginia Elizabeth Hayes developed a keen eye for the absurd at an early age.

International and North American sales include: Driftwood Press, Devolution Z, Flash Fiction Magazine, and Lunch Ticket.

Her novels, short-stories, collections, novellas and cartoons about things that aren’t normally considered funny, can be found on Amazon.

You Can Find Out More About Virginia On:


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