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Demons, Shadow-People, & What's Next

I've always been involved with the paranormal.

When I say always I don't just mean within the last 10 years, either.

I've been around it since I was born. Properly documenting it, however, started back in 2015. I had been solo investigating before that, but in 2015 I founded

Doomsday Paranormal Research as a way to put a face to my adventures.

A little over two years ago, while investigating out of state, I encountered what could only be described as a demon.

I stopped all production.

Within the last year I encountered shadow people within my home.

Five days in a row.

Now I'm back at it again with a new team, new equipment, and a new project called, 'Hunting The Haunted'.'

Hunting The Haunted' is currently a randomly uploaded series on YouTube which will eventually become a feature length documentary.

The main reason that I keep coming back to all this is because I want to know what lies beyond the curtain.

Is it nothing?

Is it heaven or hell?

Or a strange fourth dimension?

- That's what I want to know.


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