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They Even Fought Over It

Good news, everyone!

OOOkay, so, first off, yes, I am very very, very very (very) sorry for the absence over the last few months. Life was just that way, ok? Ok, so first off, Good News! I have returned victorious from The St Louis Writers Guild's annual Gateway Con! And I have, like, some HUGE news for you! Ready? I had agents fighting over my next book, Nameless, in the pitch room.

To paint a picture for the uninitiated, to have one full manuscript request from an agent is a big deal. It's cause for celebration and dancing in the streets for writers! To have two in one go is like twice this. Now, have those two agents be fighting over your book. Get the picture?

I'm still a little stunned, to be honest. If you've stuck with me this long, you know that while I lean towards the ridiculous, I'm really just my own little self. I write this now and genuinely wonder if people read my stuff. I just keep writing and hanging out with other people who honestly love writing. Now, I am on the cusp of accepting an offer of full literary agent representation from Patty Carothers of Metamorphosis Literary Agency.

Here's the thing, I want this crazy dream of being a full-time writer to be what I do. All the time. Like, pay the light bill sort of level. That's why each time you read, review, and recommend my books, it means the world to me. It's just me here, sitting in my dog-bitten chair typing away in our little shotgun house in Missouri, you know. Writers exist because there are readers like you. (Thank you).

Maybe you've heard me mention one of my upcoming fantasy works, Nameless already. Maybe you haven't - all good with me, either way. If you'd like to get a free glimpse at the first chapter, it's actually at the the end of the E-book version of Rienspel on Smashwords. And, if you really don't feel like paying full price for Rienspel, it'll be on sale all next month (aka July, 2018) for like a measly $1.50. You can read the Nameless sneak-peek there - and enjoy Rienspel while you're at it. Win-Win.

I could never have made it where I am today without you, the reader of my random blogs and rambling fantasies. Thank. You. Seriously. Thank you. All of this doesn't just happen. It takes dedication and encouragement (and lots and lots of coffee). So, go get yourself something nice for all your loyalty (like a book!). I loved Patrick Rothfuss' Name of the Wind, a ton, personally.

- Ryan

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