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It's Yule, Yo!

Hey all!

Today marks the darkest day of the year (literally). Least amount of light. Whoa.

So, for a long while now, my wife Steph has been totally into genetics and family trees and what-not - in tandem with this, I've been curious into my own family history. It all started when I was researching story stuff in Celtic Mythology. I was reading Peter Berrisford Ellis' Celtic Myths and Legends (great read, btw!)... and I got to this part where I realized, since I'm primarily Irish in decent, these are my stories. Being American, it's super easy to not feel a sense of connection with the past. Like the deep past... not just pioneers and pilgrims and stuff... but hundreds and thousands of years old. A deep feeling with your roots as a person and a culture.

Think about it!

For yourself, even, where are you from? I mean, really from? Do you feel a sense of connection with your own past?

More on Peter Berrisford Ellis - I was reading another one of his excellent books: The Celts, and The Druids - and he makes this point (I'm heavily summarizing here...) about how the fate of present Irish/Celtic culture is up to us/me right now. If not for us, it could die. Go from a vibrant culture which used to span from ireland to parts of modern Turkey... to nothing. A dead culture. And the point really sunk home for me.

So, for everyone still with me - Check out where you're from! Learn about your own roots, and learn about ways you can actively carry on Your People now. And so, if you're Celtic (Irish, French, Spanish, British - I'm generalizing again here, but read up and you'll get the feel for it), today, you're in for a treat:

Because today is MidWinter. - I know, I know, I used the word 'Yule' in the title, but I was just being catchy, ok?

MidWinter is exactly that. The Middle of Winter. For the Celts, the times of the year are super exciting. - Again, you can read up on it yourself, but today marks the darkest day of the year. And so, it's a time for Light. When it gets dark, you light your fires (now adays, I'm all for burning candles, and in my case, my backyard burn pile). You invite your friends over, eat tons of yummy food (order a pizza, IDK...go nuts), drink, and tell stories.

Ah, Stories.

Now you're speaking my language.

So, while you're celebrating your roots and maybe even MidWinter, I wanted to let you know, in honor of the occasion, I'll be reading The Forest! The Forest is the first issue in my brand-new Rienspel series! So, I'm thinking about 1p or so, while the light is bright and my lunch is digesting... and maybe with a drink or two, I'll be giving you the first bit of the Rienspel series, free, and all for you.

So celebrate today! It's not everyday it's MidWinter, you know. Learn about your roots - carry on your people's traditions - it really is up to us. (At least light a candle or something, you heathen!)


- Ryan

- check out my Live recording of The Forest on my author FB page for more:

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