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Improve Yourself, Improve Your World

How did you first get into your art?

My first time getting into this art happened randomly. I began by working on posts for my blog.

The blog genesis was very difficult. My posts were humorous, and the storytelling was good but something wasn't working.

Finally I realized, how the characters and the flow aren’t match the media.

Then came the idea: transform my script into a comic!

Evolution after evolution .... step by step later, my comic changed. I added graphics, tricks, animations, compositing etc... Now, my webcomics are closer in form to digital art than graphic novel.

Why do you love it?

When I’m thinking about my my art I imagine flying. It’s like traveling, really. I empathize with the characters and I live more life at the same time. I ask myself over and over again, am I improving myself and my vision of the world?

But all this is only the storytelling side of things. On the other hand, I also enjoy the technical challenge. I love discovering how new photos and new graphic solutions can be demanding and funny, all at the same time.


Zed Oracle goes on to say,