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Follow Your Dreams, Baby

This is My Story:

When I was young, art was my passion. I was in high school;

I took every art class that I was allowed to take. My Dad was my biggest fan. One day he started feeling sick and was soon diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After several agonizing years he passed away. I put my paints away and never looked back.

I graduated from college, met and married the love of my life, pursued a career and started a family. Life was good. One morning, at age 33, I woke up blind in one eye; soon I too was diagnosed with MS. As the years progressed so did the disease. Between the side effects from the medicine and the destruction from the disease I was forced to retire at the age of 45.

This left me with the question, what do I do now?

I heard my Dads voice: "Follow your dreams, Baby."

So I picked up a paint brush and followed my dream of becoming an Artist.

Much to my amazement art has given me a new lease on life. Even though it is a daily struggle dealing with devastation that MS brings, art has given me an opportunity to escape into another dimension where MS does not exist. It has been a life changing event for me and I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


About Traci:

I was born in New Mexico, raised in Oregon,

and reside in California.

I am attracted to the mountains, nature, and of course dogs; which has become a huge part of my inspiration for work. Watercolor has always been my favorite media, probably because of the looseness and magic that happens when the paint meets the water and comes together in a unique design.

Oil paint has now entered into my studio

- as a result, I have many new oil paintings on my site.

Many of my paintings are now being shown at Desert Art Center Gallery in Palm Springs.

Come visit...

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