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Rien has come full circle...

Now that Rien’s tale has come full circle, he faces the consequences Firehall harbors for him. With a Princess’s love and a newfound legacy, Rien readies to face his darkest fear. While storm clouds loom overhead, personal identity and calling have never mattered more, despite Rien’s mounting death omens.
Every epic has its own humble beginnings… continue with Rien as he navigates the perilous intricacies of life in Firehall in the fourth issue of the Rienspel series. Experience the Phoenix’s ancient legacy– as one lost traveler goes toe to toe with the horror from his past.
Rien’s tale continues with the next installment of the Rienspel series: Rienspel, Issue V: The Battle – OR – Read the entire series by snagging a copy of The Phoenix of Redd, Volume I: Rienspel.

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