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The Grey Isle Tale

Prince Janos of House Ulian is having a rough day. No, scratch that - a rough life. So when the watch tower he is inspecting begins exploding all around him, Janos soldiers on like usual. Race through the countryside of the island empire of Rumenjia, as one unlucky Prince, along with a stubborn local watch captain join forces with staunch Generals and legendary Wizards to confront the greatest (and potentially last) threat their country has ever faced: their own inner darkness. 

The Grey Isle Tale chronicles the last breath of a crumbling empire. Adrift upon its own momentous tides of conspiracy and hate, something even more sinister lurks beneath the nation’s waves. The Grey Isle Tale is the sort of story which flows from hair-raising novel to epic northern legend. The Grey Isle tale tells the story of a nation on the brink, and how even the smallest gestures can tip the balance between good and evil. Within, experience tremors of horrific casualness matched against the indestructible bonds of friendship and kindness. 

The Grey Isle Tale is like wizard’s fireworks. It begins with smoke and mystery, ending in a fantastic explosion that leaves you dazzled by its colors. It’s the perfect novella, encapsulating bright characters and hints of stories to come. It left me wanting to discover more about the author’s world, more of its darkest caverns and its loftiest peaks. This well-crafted story is one that needs to be told again and again at the table, among friends, family, dwarves and elves alike!” 

R.E. Dean, Blood for Glory

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