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Ryan (She/Her) was born in Portland, Oregon on February 24th, 1988. She's the (upper) middle child out of four (three sisters – how she survived them is a secret). Currently she has family scattered all over the western states.


Ryan was always a big reader growing up. Ever since her second grade teacher, Mrs. Yorth spent extra time with her after school helping her learn how to read, she's been devouring books (so to speak). Growing up in Oregon meant plenty of time for reading, since there’s about 7.3 fully sunny days per year there.


To this day, she loves the smell of rain, the rumble of storms, and the scent of pine forests. Her favorite stories growing up were old tales with Robin Hood and King Arthur - along with a ginormous rambling list of other myths, legends, and fantasy works.

Ryan graduated from high school in 2006 and first attended Central Christian College of the Bible in Missouri, where she met her wife and began writing what would later become Rienspel. Then, by happy coincidence, since they were both already planning on it anyways, they transferred to Hannibal LaGrange College (now University). In 2010, Ryan graduated with her B.S. in Communication Arts.

Stephanie Lynn Worcester (aka ‘Steph’ aka ‘Stephalughagi’) and Ryan were married just after graduation. Still writing, she has worked in myriad Marketing positions, both traditional and freelance with such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, NBC affiliates, and Santa Fe Workshops,  joined the St Louis Writers Guild, and founded the Hannibal Writers Guild. She also presides on the board of the Missouri Writers Guild.


She began publishing her fantasy works in 2016. Ryan lives with her wife in an old Victorian about 300 10 blocks from the Mississippi River along with their four cats, Lira, Freya, Lizzie, Amigo, and two dogs, Maci and Siggi.

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